SITI – Gearboxes – Worm – Planetary

RP Techniek will deliver a geared motor that meets your requirements. SITI is our European manufacturer of drives. The company is characterized by it’s extensive production, high quality and flexible structure. Therefore we are able to deliver you quality products. RP Techniek is the distributor and importer of SITI products for the
Dutch market and can deliver a wide range of drives from stock. The quality of a geared motor / actuator is essential. The new series of gear Siti S.p.A. is distinguished by its compactness and technical innovations that make the gear units are a versatile product. The gearmotor is essential for a large number of machines. Examples include conveyors, sorting and assembly lines. Each industry has its own points of interest that are of interest to operators. The different types of geared motors are used for different applications.

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